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Our members are individuals and corporates with a shared commitment to continuous personal, professional, organizational and business growth. One can join as Industry CEOs/Executives/ leaders and owners of private and public companies. Your choice of category when joining will determine the fees pay, the benefits and restrictions that go with the category, provided the membership is fully paid up.

A prospective member will also receive Terms and Conditions of membership that clearly state membership rights and privileges; membership obligations; and termination clauses. Membership is for a Duration of Time or a Commitment Period. A member may choose to pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. A member may also opt for a life membership and pay as such.

Membership Benefits

  • Tapping into the leadership best practices of other exceptional CEOs/Executives

  • Leverage cross-industry experience to accomplish your own corporate objectives faster / smarter

  • Benefit from real success and failure experiences

  • IIB CEO Forum and resource material are from highly professional, skilled and trusted advisors, expert facilitators and experienced business leaders

  • IIB CEO Forums actively support leading corporate and CEO awards programs to recognize outstanding leadership and business achievement in Africa / globally. Our partnerships include African (and some global) Best Managed and Admired Companies Program, CEO Awards and the National CEO Awards program for Kenya’s (and other Local neighboring) Most Admired Company CEOs

  • Networking opportunities during annual planned meetings and group retreat; Annual spousal dinner following one regular meeting; CEO-only breakfast panels.

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