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IIB is the key insurance and financial related informational resource. This information is intended for millions of people in Kenya, Africa and around the world. To keep the hub updated, IIB engages volunteer article writers to work alongside subject-matter experts. They collate, warehouse and make available the information gathered and ensure continued content flow. They also conduct quality checks and improvements to maximize consumer engagement.

Such information include:
• Product and service data on life and non-life assurance, pensions, investments, health and casualty, microinsurance
• Product and service pricing
• Public Relations Promotions and Community Social Responsibility
• Market segmentation – including life habits, occupations, motor/traffic safety reports, accidents, mortality, morbidity, weather patterns, crop failure
• Insurance careers
• Insurers and reinsurers, including competitor analytics
• Product and service delivery channels
• Actuarial analytics
• Human resource capacity
• Policyholder service